Essay Samples: Top 3 Tips To Write An Outstanding Report

After conducting research or analysis, the next thing is to submit a report with recommendation or proposal. Reporting writing can take any form, depending on the instructions given by the teacher. The most important thing is to write a paper that is interesting. Your teacher or grader must be impressed for you to get better marks. Whether you are writing a short or lengthy report, these steps will help you get things right from your first attempt.

  1. Read the instructions repeatedly
  2. It sounds funny, but many students do not spend the time to read instructions before attempting a question. They are in a hurry to answer the question and move on to the next. But as far as report writing is concerned, you have to understand the instructions before you write. The same thing applies even if you are writing an argumentative essay or any other.

    Once you have understood the instructions, take out time to think about the reason you are being told to write the report. Perhaps the questions might help you figure out with ease.

    • What is the report mainly on?
    • Why do I need to write this report?
  3. Outline the procedure
  4. If you are conducting research or investigation to write a report, then get a working plan from the onset. You need to decide on how you are going to carry out the procedure to achieve your aim. Here are tips for essay writing, investigation or while researching.

    • How do I record data collected?
    • What is the primary information I need extract?
    • What is the best way to handle this?

    Once you have gotten your information or data, draft an outline of how you are going to write the report. Even if you know how to write an essay, a framework will make things a bit easier for you too.

    You also have to decipher the report type you are asked to write on. Is it laboratory report, research report, investigative or business report? Once you find out, decide on the length and writing style of the paper according to the instructions.

    Below are structures or reports you will find in essay examples. You might be told to use this structure or a different one according to instructions.

    • Your title page
    • Executive summary
    • Table of contents
    • Brief introduction
    • Terms of reference
    • The procedures followed
    • Findings and conclusions.
    • Recommendations
  5. Revise your paper
  6. When writing argumentative essay topic, know that revision is critical. You have to ensure you have written what is expected of you and added the required sections in the right order. Also, check if you have explained all the abbreviations, symbols and terms used in the paper. Check for grammar errors and if the formatting, tables, and diagrams are correct.


Report writing is simple once you understand the procedures. And you can also present an impressive write-up when given interesting essay topics. There are many things to focus on when writing a report. But these tips are simple enough to help you write a report that will impress your teacher or grader. If your aim is to get better mark, you must put in your best effort.

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