Essay Title: Crucial To the Cause of A Good Essay

Before your professor comes across your essay idea or the beauty with which you have written it, his eyes will fall on the essay title. It is right here that his mind will say, “This can be really interesting!” or “Oh, no, another mundane piece!” What kind of impact you would crave for - Naturally, the former one. This is why choosing an effective essay title is pretty important.

Title as important as topic or the essay itself

Those who are good at writing often discount the significance of good essay topics or essay titles. They tend to imagine that because they are good with the written word, their essays will look good even if they present a poor essay idea and choose an unimpressive essay title. They are in their ivory towers. It does not happen this way. Just like a talented freelancer cannot get a great job without a powerful cover letter, so also a student writing college essay cannot succeed without a smart essay title.

Whether you are writing an essay on computer, a science and technology essay, an essay on environment or an essay drawn from your personal memory, your job is to begin with an imploding essay title.

Title must be eye-catching

So what is your idea of a good essay title? Experts will tell you that before else, the title needs to be eye-catching. This way, it will force your professor to read further. His curiosity will be piqued and he will like to know how you have gone about justifying your essay title. So, rather than writing, “Spanish Inquisition”, write, “Spanish Inquisition: the great catholic dilemma”.

Essay title must be believable

Going through title maker apps, you will soon realize that essay titles need to be believable. Any essay title generator invariably works on this theory. Unless you are working on a pure fantasy piece of magic realism, you will have to create an essay title that looks believable. So, you cannot write, “Republicans a million times better than Democrats”. The most you can do (and only if you can convince your professor) is title your essay, “The Republicans may just be twice as good as democrats”. So you see! ‘Twice’ is believable, ‘Million’ is not. You don’t want your reader/professor to be turned off by a foolishly unbelievable title.

Use Active Voice for your essay title

Abstain from writing your essay topic in a Passive Voice. Those who know the nuances of essay writing will tell you that there is nothing like using Active Voice. It is hard to explain this but the mind reads active voices with a sense of duty; realizing that the reader means to assert his authority through his writing and is not merely playing with words. So, instead of writing, “Onset of CNS diseases can be delayed by cannabis use”, a student can title his essay, “Cannabis can delay onset of CNS disease.” Your title generator will pass a smiley to you!

Essay title in a nutshell

It really does not matter if it is a technology essay or something far different, say, an essay on Renaissance. Just remember that it should catch the reader’s eye, be believable, written in an active voice, be precise (not any longer or shorter than necessary), concise, and have the focus keyword in it.

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