50 Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Particular essays explain the similarities and differences between subjects. These essays that compare and contrast the themes against each other are called compare and contrast essays.

Examples of Compare and Contrast Essay

The main reason for choosing a compare and contrast topic is majorly to scout for two subjects that can successfully be compared and contrasted. Although the issues should be within the same category, there should be enough differences in them to be compared.

Before writing your essay, it is essential to point out the reason for the comparison between the different objects. While writing, you should prove your reason for comparison in your introduction.

Keep in mind that whoever is reading your essay should be able to understand the objects being contrasted. Most times, the main reason for writing these essays is to show a preference for a particular thing over the other. You can do so without stating your point of view. Instead, make it evident from the comparison.

Some Good Examples of Compare and Contrast Topics


  • Should newborns be vaccinated or not?
  • Psychiatry vs. Phycology: what are the similarities and differences
  • Corn grain vs. Wheat: which of them is more nutritious for a person and what are the reasons
  • Age naturally or Do plastic surgery: Which is preferable?
  • Is the traditional or non-traditional use of medicine better?


  • Civil against a criminal justice
  • Domestic violence and its penalty: The Eastern or Western approach.
  • Adult and Juvenile Criminal Justice
  • Comparison between the 18th-19th centuries law system with the present-day one


  • Gospel music vs. Blues
  • Beethoven vs. Straus
  • Classical music vs. Pop Music
  • XXI centuries vs. TRens in music: XX
  • Different instruments comparison, e.g., organ vs. Piano
  • Playing music vs. listening to music
  • Writing letters vs. Texting
  • Android vs. iOS
  • 360 ͦand traditional videos
  • Google+ vs. Facebook

Social studies

  • Migration vs. Immigration
  • Extroverts vs. introverts
  • Differences between gender roles in the Eastern and Western worlds
  • Freelancing vs. Fulltime office work
  • Reals dating and online dating
  • Bringing up children in homes with a stay at home parents and in households where both parents have careers


  • Polytheism vs. Monotheism
  • Comparison of different religions, e.g., Buddhism vs. Islam
  • Same religion peculiarities in different countries, e.g., Christianity in Israel vs. Christianity in the USA
  • Different branches comparison of the same religion, e.g., Protestant vs. catholic


  • Speech-language vs. written language
  • Artificial language vs. natural language
  • Comparison of language from different families, e.g., Sini-Tibetan languages vs. Indo-European languages
  • Language comparison at different developmental stages, e.g., Modern English vs. Old English


  • Washinton vs. Lincoln
  • Presidency vs. Monarchy
  • German Government vs. American Government
  • Democrat vs. republican
  • Aztecs vs. Maya civilizations
  • England’s colonies in India and Africa
  • Reconstruction Era vs. Antellebum Era in American History


  • Art movement comparison, e.g., Art Nouveau vs. Abstract Expressionism
  • Art period comparison. e.g., Ressainance art vs. Gothic art
  • Artist comparison, e.g., Michelangelo vs. Leonardo da Vinci


  • Movie vs. Book
  • Comparison between favorite bands
  • Traveling by train vs. Travelling by plane
  • College vs. school
  • Adulthood vs. Childhood
  • Nonfiction vs. fiction
  • Living with parents vs. Living in a dorm.


Writing a compare and contrast essay is something you cannot escape in your education. With the tips and topics we have given above, you should find writing one not too difficult.