15 Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics

Whether a lot of people like to admit it or not, people like to argue. It is majorly because everyone wants their opinion to matter. As much as people argue, when it comes to penning it down, coming up with a topic might prove difficult.

Even when you come up with a topic, how effective would it be? An argumentative essay should spark something in the mind of readers. It could leave them with a lot of questions or even angry about certain notions. 

Whatever the topic you choose, make sure you carry out enough research on facts. You might have ideas and valid points, but your argument has more credibility when you have back each point with facts. When no topic seems to be forthcoming, or the ones you are getting are not good enough, here are a few tips that will help.

What Makes a Good Essay Topic?

The first rule of an argumentative essay is that it should make people think. It should also widen their horizon. It should not be a shallow or a general topic where everybody would agree on the same thing. The topic doesn’t necessarily have to make them buy into your idea.

It should just be controversial enough to get them fired up. The bottom line is that the topic should be debatable - the kind of topic that people from different social and cultural backgrounds have different ideas about it.

Parenting Essay topics

When it comes to the issue of parenting, everyone has their idea of what it should be like. You could, therefore, coin out topics like:

  1. Should men be allowed to take paternity leave?
  2. Should breastfeeding in public be allowed?
  3. Does parenting have a particular style?

Women’s Issue Topics

The topic of women would always be a topic for discussion. Here are a suggested few:

  1. Should countries legalize abortion?
  2. What challenges do women face the most in the workplace?
  3. Should the morning pill be legalized?
  4. Maternity leave should be for how long?
  5. How do you feel about legalizing female prostitution?

Technology Essay Topics

  1. Should smartphones be allowed for students in schools?
  2. Has the increase in technology dependences made people dumber?
  3. Has online dating taken the place of romance and marriage?
  4. Technology has taken over a lot of jobs. What is your take on this?

Society and Culture Essay Topics

Everyone has their idea about how we should live. Also, about what a society should be like. Hence, the following topics:

  1. Does the Black Lives Matter movement sit well with you?
  2. Should sex education be included in the public school curriculum?
  3. Should there be just one official language in the United States?

Write What You Are Passionate About

You can never go wrong with this advice. Write on a topic which you love, or you have passion for. You can put a lot of interest and research on this topic. It would, therefore, make your essay exciting and readable. Nobody wants to read a write up that lacks life or luster.